Ovzon provides Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS), secure, broadband communication for drones.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems are becoming increasingly widespread, used for numerous applications from adventure filming to real-time mapping and crop monitoring.

Wider-range operations, such as pipeline inspection or forestry monitoring, require the UAV to operate beyond line-of-sight of their controller. Current solutions are limited in utility: larger, heavier UAVs adapted from military technology can link via satellite, but are very expensive; smaller drones lack the power/space to carry traditional satcoms equipment, and so are confined to areas with mobile or WLAN coverage. Most solutions are limited in on-the-move bandwidth.

Ovzon technology is designed to solve exactly this problem – to enable high-data rate communication between controllers and drones over the horizon, using a new generation of compact, high-bandwidth terminal equipment, combined with dedicated, steerable satellite coverage.