Plan and manage advertising, marketing, corporate communications, and investor relations communications in a small, dynamic, hi-tech environment. Work with the Chief Commercial Officer to synchronize marketing and communications with the company’s growth and sales strategy.

The role involves:

  • Short and long range marketing strategy development
  • Develop and execute a global marketing plan based on the company marketing strategy
  • Work with the CEO and CCO on writing and distributing press releases
  • Work with the CEO and CFO on financial press releases
  • Social Media plan and messaging
  • Plan and organize global trade shows
  • Maintain and enforce Ovzon’s branding guidelines across the company
  • Oversee website development and changes
  • Work with company partners on joint marketing efforts and co-branded marketing materials
  • Develop and manage the company’s emergency communications plan

This position is located in Stockholm, Sweden. This position reports to the CCO of Ovzon, located in Herndon, Virginia.


  • Experience in setting marketing strategies for smaller hi-tech companies
  • Experience with developing and implementing successful multi-platform social media campaigns
  • Experience with corporate communications in a publicly traded company
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills
  • Experience working in global organization.


Daniel Gager, CCO at Ovzon,  +1 610 864 4748
Peter Ternebring, Recruitment partner, +46 706 39 88 89

Please send your application, marked  ”Ovzon – Global Marketing and Communication Specialist” to