Ovzon provides high-resolution live broadcast, anywhere.

Technology has allowed us to get increasingly close to events when they happen, as they happen. But as technology has drastically improved over recent years, so have consumer expectations. Not only do viewers demand “instant” news and sporting action, they also want the highest quality viewing resolution possible.

This demand places extra pressure on Satellite News Gathering (SNG) operators to capture live content at high quality from across the globe: a particular challenge in remote locations, where larger legacy SNG equipment cannot be driven or carried in.

Ovzon’s groundbreaking technology provides the world’s smallest broadband terminals: the uplink capability of a DSNG van in the footprint of a laptop footprint, allowing a single reporter to make live 4k broadcasts, anytime, anywhere. Our system is designed to support multiple, mobile objects – which allows you to add unprecedented new nuances to your coverage – including drone remotes and multiple cameras.