The Ovzon™ mobile satellite service combines the mobility and ease-of-use of satellite telephony with the broadband capacity of fixed satellite systems.

Current Service

The service is currently operational through five satellites covering parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. Gateways with secure backbone connectivity are located in Europe and Africa.

Users are able to access truly broadband data rates, up to 80 times faster than competitors, using ultra-portable, easy to use terminals with very high link availability.


Manpacks: With Ovzon’s manpack development initiated in 2008, Ovzon’s T5 terminal was fielded in 2014. At the same size as the Inmarsat low data rate BGAN Explorer, but with demonstrated transmit throughput of 20 Mbps and received reception of 60 Mbps over the current Ovzon Service. Performance with Ovzon 3 is anticipated to be at least four times higher.

Easy to carry in a laptop bag or backpack, the T5 terminals are designed for use in desert, tropical or arctic environments. T5 can be powered externally, or through the built-in battery. The T5 is controlled directly via the display, or remotely via a graphical user interface on smartphone, tablet or laptop: a WLAN access point is included to support connectivity with WiFi enabled devices.

On The Move (OTM): On-The-Move terminals used in the service are built on legacy OTM equipment, modified by a retrofit kit to allow interoperability with Ovzon. Transmit data rates of 8 Mbps (transmission) using 6″ antennas (13 Mbps with 9″) have been achieved with the service.