Ovzon has initiated a sustainability work, which is divided into four focus areas and identified priority issues for each area. In total, the company has identified 16 priority issues based on internal and external stakeholder dialogues and inspired by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Reduce environmental effects

  • Reducing the impact on the climate: the company’s communications service reduces unnecessary transports, especially in areas where traditional telecom services lack coverage.

Environmentally sustainable innovations:

  • Ovzon has initiated different partnerships regarding wildlife preservation aiming at delivering communication infrastructure that connects wardens and rangers with the intelligence they need to prevent poaching.
  • Ovzon provides a dynamic, responsive, secure broadband capacity, to replace or augment infrastructure when natural disaster strikes.

Responsible business

  • Zero tolerance against corruption
  • Responsible supplier relationships: Ovzon works mainly with local subcontractors
  • Information reliability
  • Product reliability

Contribute to society

  • Innovation and transferral of knowledge
  • Increased security and defence capabilities: The Ovzon services aim to increase the effectiveness of existing defence communication systems by leveraging their full capacity and boosting throughput.
  • Social commitment with a focus on promoting education and technology

Attractive employer

  • Develop leaders and employees skills
  • Culture that promotes achievement and motivation
  • Gender equality and diversity: as of today 14 percent of Ovzon employees are women and 40 percents of Phd’s in the company are women. 35 percent of employees are non-Swedish.
  • Promote individual health among staff: yearly tests to ensure healthy individuals