• Ovzon 3 ready for commercial service

SATCOM-as-a- Service offerings

Overview of our SATCOM-as-a-Service plans and coverage.

& Commercial

Agile, high throughput capabilities in remote locations and challenging situations

Ovzon Terminals

Our product line up, product specifications and more.

Non Regulatory

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Government and defense customers

Emergency, search and rescue services

Financial Overview

The interim report for the first quarter 2024 results was published at 08:00 CEST on Friday April 19, 2024.

Webcast telephone conference: 13:30 CEST on the same day.

Truly Mobile Truly Broadband

Our services are operated on satellites covering the US and LATAM, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Gateways with secure backbone connectivity are located in Europe and Africa.
Ovzon 3 services cover Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia-Pacific. Gate- ways with secure backbone connectivity are in Europe, Africa, and Australia.
All our services are monitored and controlled through our 24/7 NOC in Tampa.

  • Transmit 70 Mbps
  • Transfered (Petabytes) 18 PB
  • Receive 120 Mbps
  • Available 24 /7

Ovzon service plans and coverage

Service description and coverage map displaying Ovzon’s global satellite network, including high-performance Steerable Spot Beam and/or Fixed Regional Beam.

Ovzon 3

Ovzons proprietary satellite will significantly increase service performance, provide new types of services, enable the use of even smaller terminals, and expand coverage areas.

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