Share capital development

The following table sets forth the changes in the company’s share capital during the years, as well as changes that will occur in connection with the listing of the company’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier:

Year Transaction Change in number of shares Change in share capital Total share capital Total number of shares
2016 SEK 500,000 5,000
1/1 2017  –  – SEK 500,000 5,000
1/1 2018  – SEK 500,000 5,000
7/2 2018 Split of shares 4,995,000 SEK 500,000 5,000,000
2018 New share issue as part of the Offering(1) 2,699,971 SEK 269,997 SEK 767,977 7,669,991
  1. The estimation of the number of shares of the Offering is based on that the Offering is fully subscribed. The board of directors will, by power of authorisation from the annual general meeting held on 25 April 2018, resolve on a new issue of 2,669,971 shares in connection to the Offering in accordance with the prospectus. The change to the share capital is given as if all of these shares are issued and the over-allotment option is not used.