Incentive Program

During 2018, the company introduced new incentive programs “Warrants Program 2018/2021” and “Employee Option Program 2018/2021”, which were decided at the Extraordinary General Meeting in Ovzon AB on May 9, 2018. At the Extraordinary General Meeting, it was decided to issue a maximum of 226,962 warrants (under the warrant program) to the company’s employees in Sweden and 200,000 options (under the employee option program) to the company’s employees in the United States. The company’s management team has subscribed for the maximum number of options and warrants granted, a total of 167,000 and other employees have subscribed 121,000 options and warrants (non-allocated options and warrants amount to 138,962. Non-allocated options will be cancelled). Following the rights issue in January 2019, the number of shares each warrant and option entitles to have been recalculated in accordance with the terms of the warrant program and employee option program. Each warrant and option entitle to subscription of 2.02 new shares in the company at a price of SEK 59.41 per share. If all options and warrants are used in the programs, a dilution of 1.7% of the shares and votes in the company occurs. The exercise period for the options and warrants runs from 15 May 2021 until 15 June 2021.