During the year, Ovzon has further narrowed and focused its strategic planning for the coming years. The company’s strategic targets can be divided into four parts:

1. Operational implementation

Service based on leased satellite capacity Ovzon’s existing service was launched in 2014 and is based on leased capacity from a number of external mobile satellite terminals in combination with Ovzon’s proprietary terminal technology and integrated service offerings. The focus in 2022 was on increased and closer customer dialogue, delivering on contracts won, and preparing for the launch of Ovzon 3 as well as a step change in profitable growth in such areas as industrialization, customer support, product development and global presence.

2. Planned measures, 1–3 years

In 2023, the company will continue the activities that were begun in 2022. The company’s first proprietary satellite, Ovzon 3, will considerably increase performance in the company’s integrated service offering, making the use of even smaller mobile satellite terminals – and entirely new functionalities – possible. Ovzon 3 will also expand coverage areas and available bandwidth. Interest in the new functionality is significant. In the next few years, the company will focus on sales and marketing activities that target customers to achieve rapid capacity utilization of the satellite, as well as on broadening functionality to target new target groups. SATCOM-as-a-Service is the core of the company’s offering, which will generate recurring revenue and scalable growth. The company will continue to focus on own sales, as well as on an expanded network of partners for sales and support. Communication with increased resiliency, mobility, and speed are clear trends in Ovzon’s favor, and the company’s offering should be even more clearly positioned as a premium service for customers where the unique characteristics

3.Strategic plan, 2–5 years

Service based on own satellite capacity
Ovzon’s strategic goal is to offer broadband via satellite to mobile satellite terminals, using proprietary satellite and terminal technology, in a service offering with considerably higher performance than what is currently available, all in combination with the flexibility that leased capacity contributes. The company’s five-year plan goes hand in hand with the measures previously described, and can be grouped into four building blocks:
• Mobile satellite terminals
• Global network
• Gateways and networks
• Customer support, delivery, and service

4.  Long-term vision

Connecting the world’s critical missions via satellite – A fleet of Ovzon-owned satellites. Ovzon’s long-term vision is to have several of its own satellites that facilitate global coverage with proprietary satellite technology that makes Ovzon a leading provider of satellite-based mobile communication. Ovzon’s plan is a rapid step by step expansion, and the company already has orbital positions that ensure future global coverage. The company currently has ten orbital positions registered with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
Ovzon provides the smallest mobile satellite terminals for satellite based communication in the market – a position the company intends to preserve and strengthen. A fleet of Ovzon-owned satellites equipped with the company’s technology forms a solid base for this.