Ownership structure

The table below sets forth Ovzon’s direct and indirect ownership structure immediately before the Offering and directly after completion of the Offering.

  Shareholding before the Offering After the Offering (if the Over-allotment Option is not exercised) After the Offering (if Over-allotment Option is exercised in full)(1)
Shareholder Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent
OverHorizon (Cyprus) PLC 5,000,000 100 3,057,114 40 3,057,114 36
Total 5,000,000 100 3,057,114 40 3,057,114 36
New shareholders(2) 4,642,857 60 5,339,285 64
Total 5,000,000 100 7,699,971 100 8,396,399 100
  1. The maximum number of shares that may be sold under the Over-allotment option equals 696,428.
  2. Refers to persons who receive shares as a result of allotment in the Offering, including the cornerstone investors Bure Equity AB and Investment AB Öresund (approximately 12 percent each of the total number of outstanding shares in the company after completion of the Offering, providing that the Overallotment option is fully exercised)