Management team with deep experience from the satellite communications market.

Ovzon’s executive management team has extensive and successful experience of developing and growing satellite businesses on the world market and almost all employees have experience from the satellite communications industry. For example, the co-founder of the company, Per Wahlberg, co-founded Swe-Dish in 1994, a company that was later sold to the American company Rockwell Collins. The Ovzon management also has long standing relationships with broadcast and governments customer segments and a history and a successful proven track record of technological development and innovation.

Ovzon’s management team is divided into two teams, one based in Sweden and one based in the U.S., with complementing experience in driving new business models, innovation and disruptive technologies, as well as with technical, business and legal expertise. In Sweden the main part of the research and development is made while the U.S is responsible for the government sales, today representing the bulk of the group’s revenues. Ovzon’s management team has over 150 years of combined experience within the satellite communication industry and is well positioned for steering the group in the future.