Ovzon introduces Ovzon GO, a new and unique end-to-end satellite service providing users with a flexible offering for the highest real time data rates using the smallest terminals. The packaged services offer on-the-move and on-the-pause terminals, including the newly introduced ground-breaking Ovzon T6.

Ovzon GO is the new standard when it comes to flexible, high throughput capabilities.  Different  service plans available meets and exceeds the expectations of those in need of mobility, large data requirements and committed immediate connectivity. Ovzon GO is offered with transmission speed up to 10 Mbps transmit and receive and the service is based on Ovzon’s regional satellite capacity.

The Ovzon GO service complements Ovzon’s current offering, the Ovzon HERO service.  Ovzon HERO is an advanced, tailored, high performance service specifically engineered and managed for the most demanding customers on critical missions. The Ovzon HERO offers transmission speeds exceeding 50 Mbps transmit and receive with laptop sized portable terminals. The HERO service is based on Ovzon’s global satellite capacity including steerable high-power beams.

”We are excited to bring our impeccable satellite services to demanding customers with different needs. The Ovzon HERO and the Ovzon GO services solve real problems for different types of customers. Common for all Ovzon services is the ease of use, the high real time data rates, the small sized terminals, the performance in difficult weather conditions and the competitive cost”, says Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.

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For further information please contact;

Magnus René, CEO
+1 781 266 6957

For additional information please contact

Magnus René, CEO, mre@ovzon.com, +1 781 266 6957

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