Ovzon, through its partner Bansat, has received an order from Opcion Legal, an NGO in Colombia affiliated with the UN Refugee Agency. The Ovzon service will be used to provide mobile satellite connectivity for the UDAPV (Attention Unit for Vulnerable Population) part of the Colombian Civil Registry. The service will be used in the most remote areas of Colombia. The initial contract is for six months with service starting in July 2021.

Large parts of Colombia are lacking broadband connectivity to the internet. The Ovzon service, enabled by the mobile, easy to use, Ovzon Terminals enables UDAPV personnel to be able to support humanitarian efforts by securely offering identification services at remote locations in Colombia, in regions such as Guajira, Norte de Santander, Atlántico and Arauca.

”We are very pleased to receive this order from Opcion Legal. This is a first step in establishing and expanding our services in South America. The services that Opcion Legal provides, on behalf of the Colombian government, includes community education, resource administration, land restitution, legal assistance to victims of violence in remote communities is a critical humanitarian mission that we are very proud to be a part of”, says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

For additional information please contact

Per Norén, CEO, pno@ovzon.com, +1 206 931 7232

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