Ovzon has received a 1 MUSD order for Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service from our new French partner Nigma Conseil SAS.

The demand for high-performing, mobile and resilient satellite communications is increasing rapidly throughout the world. Ovzon’s industry-leading SATCOM-as-a-Service solution is uniquely suited for organizations where communications are paramount to the success of critical missions in the most remote locations or when terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable.

Nigma Conseil provides world-class Communications Solutions, Security, Business Intelligence, and Digital Security consulting for discriminating clients worldwide. Ovzon’s fully managed (24/7) SATCOM-as-a-Service delivers the most reliable solutions to customers with the highest demands for secure, no-fail, easy-to-use satellite communications.

“We are very excited about this first deal as well as the opportunity to work with our new French partner Nigma. Like Ovzon, Nigma is focused on customers and markets with the highest demands for innovative, high-quality solutions to support their critical missions. Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service ensures the success of critical business, operations, and government missions in austere and challenging environments.  We look forward to working with Nigma to meet the growing demand for superior performance, mobility, and resiliency in the European markets,” says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

For further information, please contact:
Per Norén, CEO, pno@ovzon.com, +1 206 931 7232

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