Ovzon has received a contract, valued at USD 22.85m, from the US Department of Defense (US DoD), via the service provider Intelsat General. The orders amount to one year’s use of the company’s satellite communication service, which is a continuation, with some extension, of previous contract.

”This order is, more than anything, a sign of customer satisfaction of our unique satellite communication service. With its demands on high-quality and high-technology contractors, the US DoD is an excellent reference for Ovzon. We now enter our fifth year of partnership with the US Department of Defense and we look forward to continue this long-term relation. With the order, most of Ovzon’s revenue for 2018 is also secured”, comments Per Wahlberg, CEO of Ovzon.

For more information, please contact

Per Wahlberg, CEO
Tel: +46 8 506 600 60
E-mail: pwa@ovzon.com

About Ovzon

Ovzon offers a revolutionary mobile broadband service via satellite combining high bandwidh satellite communication services with highly mobile terminals. Since the foundation in 2006, the company has developed advanced regenerative satellite payloads and unique ultra-small portable terminals. The Ovzon solution answers many specific needs of customer groups such as Government, Media, and NGOs – to connect anywhere and transmit large amounts of data. The Ovzon solution offers speed 80 times faster than the competition. The next generation Ovzon service, Ovzon-3, is intended to be fully operational in 2020, which will multiply current capacity. In 2016, Ovzon’s net sales amounted to SEK 209 million. The company has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Bethesda, USA.

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