Ovzon has received a new order from SSC for Ovzon's SATCOM-as-a-Service, which further strengthens the partnership between the two companies. The service is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2023.

Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service is distinguished for its unique capability to support any critical mission by seamlessly integrating mobility, performance, and resiliency.

This new order signifies not only a deepening of the mutual collaboration between Ovzon and SSC but also underscores their joint commitment towards serving Swedish government agencies. SSC remains important in the effective deployment of this service.

"We appreciate the continued partnership with SSC. This new order aligns with our ongoing collaboration. With our Ovzon 3 satellite soon in orbit and its unique offerings, we continue our commitment to providing the Swedish and Nordic markets with unparalleled mobile satellite communication solutions backed by Swedish technology and innovation", comments Per Norén CEO of Ovzon.

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