Ovzon has received a new order for its Satellite-as-a-Service solution through its distribution partner Airbus UK to meet new customer requirements. The contract is for 12 months with delivery start in August 2021. The order consists of Ovzon’s fully managed end-to-end service which includes Ovzon’s high performing data throughput global satellite network and Ovzon T6 broadband terminals.

Given the rapidly growing demand for mobility, yet highly secure end-to-end broadband communication services, Ovzon is pleased to announce a new order for its satellite services through Airbus for a new customer in the UK.

The order also includes the highly ruggedized Ovzon T6 mobile satellite terminals that combines ease of use, mobility as well as extremely small form factor. Ovzon terminals are the lightest broadband mobile satellite terminals in the industry that can achieve transmit rates of more than 70 Mbps and receive rates as high as 120Mbps.

“We are very pleased to receive this new order from our partner Airbus. We also see this as a confirmation that our products and service, with its unique ability to simultaneously meet a number of core requirements such as security, resilience, mobility and speed, is of highest value for our partners and customer”, says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

For additional information please contact

Per Norén, CEO, pno@ovzon.com, +1 206 931 7232

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