Ovzon recently set a new benchmark for bringing satellite bandwidth to helicopters in flight. Flying in heavy rain on a Blackhawk helicopter, Ovzon’s satellite service brought simultaneous 17Mbps transmit and 17Mbps receive throughout the flight. The demonstration was carried out using an Ovzon steerable satellite beam, and enabled simultaneous transmission of high definition video and a multiparty video teleconference from the aircraft.

“Getting this amount of bandwidth ‘through the rotors’ is unprecedented and we’re excited to have shown our steerable spot beams enabling helicopter aircraft as a truly capable, robust, command and control platform This represents a disruptive advance in technology that will have broad ranging impact for both manned and unmanned systems,”
says Tom Hopkins, COO of Ovzon.

“Satellite communication through helicopter rotors is a challenge and satellite communication in heavy rain is inherently difficult. This demonstration confirmed Ovzon’s superior capability in both these areas. Our coming satellite Ovzon 3 will provide even further enhanced performance and functionality also in this important area”, says Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.

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Magnus René, CEO, mre@ovzon.com, +1 781 266 6957

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