Ovzon and Gomedia Satcom provided satellite-based real time streaming services used by Italian broadcaster RAI to transmit video from Giro d’Italia 2020.

Through Ovzon’s high speed satellite service with highly mobile T5 terminals, Ovzon and Gomedia provided to RAI an UHD live video streaming capability with unsurpassed quality enabling real time streaming of 10 Mbps.

In December 2019 Ovzon and Gomedia signed a distribution agreement and during 2020 Gomedia has secured several orders with Italian customers including Italian Government and Broadcaster RAI.

“Real time video for live broadcasting requires reliable communications with high throughput and stability, as well as mobility. Ovzon’s solution, with small portable terminals and high throughput fulfils and exceed the needs and is an obvious choice for TV broadcasters in the field”, says Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.

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For further information please contact;

Magnus René, CEO
+1 781 266 6957

For additional information please contact

Magnus René, CEO, mre@ovzon.com, +1 781 266 6957

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