Ovzons proprietary developed satellite Ovzon 3 has now successfully been launched from SpaceX Cape Canaveral launch site in Florida, USA. Ovzon 3 will enter into service by mid-year 2024, when it has reached its orbital position.

Ovzon 3 is a revolutionary geostationary communications satellite. It is the first in its class of communications satellites that has been specifically designed and developed to provide the highest degree of performance, mobility and resiliency – offering superior performance for all mission critical assignments.

"We are immensely proud of the fact that Ovzon 3 is the first privately funded and developed Swedish geostationary communications satellite ever to be launched. The close teamwork with our partners Maxar and SpaceX has, despite delays and unfortunate circumstances in the wake of the pandemic, come to fruition, and we are grateful to all the people working relentlessly together to design, build, finalize, and launch the satellite in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, as always when working in space many risks still remain before the satellite has entered into service. I would also, sincerely, like to express my gratitude to our long-term shareholders who have supported us in every step of this journey. We now preparing for Ovzon’s next chapter, with all the capabilities in our hands to enable our customers to fully take advantage of Ovzon’s unique SATCOM-as-a-Service solutions”, says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

For more details of the launch and information about Ovzon 3, visit: https://www.ovzon.com/en/section/ovzon-3/