Key figures

  • Revenue 2018


  • Adjusted operating profit 2018


  • 0

    Leased satellites

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    Years of business

  • Q1

    • Preparation for the IPO/listing on Nasdaq First North Premier
    • Move of a satellite to one of the Group’s orbital positions
  • Q2

    • Listing on Nasdaq First North Premier and a share issue of SEK 173 million.
    • The over-allotment option was exercised and added SEK 49 million to the company.
    • New board in connection with the listing.
  • Q3

    • The company signed a customer contract totaling USD 18.6 million through Intelsat General Corporation
  • Q4

    • Agreement made with SpaceX concerning the launch of Ovzon’s first satellite.
    • An Extraordinary General Meeting
    • The first order was received from a European authority
    • SSL was selected as supplier for the satellite Ovzon-3.

The business

The first phase of Ovzon’s offering of broadband mobile broadband services was launched in 2014. The current service has been measured at approximately 80 times faster than competing services with similar sized terminals and sold at comparatively significantly lower prices. The offer has been well received and Ovzon’s revenue has increased from SEK 53.3 million (2014) to SEK 208 million (2018), corresponding to an average annual growth of approximately 40 percent.


Ovzon’s long term vision is to have several own satellites to enable a global coverage to become a leading satellite communications service provider.

  • Today

    Satellite communication with leased satellites

  • 1–3 years

    More leased capacity

  • In 2 years

    Launch of Ovzon-3

The share

Six reasons to invest in Ovzon

  1. Large and growing market for satellite communication services
  2. Increasing demand for mobility
  3. Strong and attractive value proposition based on the combination of high bandwidth and mobility
  4. Proven technology and business model
  5. High barriers to entry underpinned by patents, frequency licenses and orbital positions
  6. Management team with deep experience from the satellite communications market