The annual general meeting (“AGM”) of Ovzon AB (publ) was held today on 10 April 2019.

AGM in brief

CEO Per Wahlberg talked about last year’s events within Ovzon, the markets and the continued expansion for the company as well as the strategy. Per also talked about the double press releases this morning where Ovzon and Intelsat (the world’s largest satellite operator) have entered into an agreement with a total value of MUSD 56 for capacity on Ovzons first satellite Ovzon-3.

The other agreement this morning, also with Intelsat, secures capacity in the near future for the Ovzon services. The agreement will make Ovzon a global service provider with expanded capacity at around 50 percent compared to todays service. The new Intelsat IS-39 satellite is expected to be launched during Q3 2019.