Live feed and

Ovzon provides reliability and availability of satellite services to news teams in remote and inhospitable locations.

Technology has allowed us to get increasingly close to events when they happen, as they happen. But as technology has drastically improved over recent years, so have consumer expectations. Not only do viewers demand “instant” news and sporting action, they also want the highest quality viewing resolution possible.

This demand places extra pressure on Satellite News Gathering (SNG) operators to capture live content at high quality from across the globe: a particular challenge in remote locations, where larger legacy SNG equipment cannot be driven or carried in. Our system is designed to support multiple, mobile objects – which allows you to add unprecedented new nuances to your coverage – including drone remotes and multiple cameras.

Non Governmental
Organisations (NGO)

Ovzon provides high data throughput services for remote locations with bundled highly portable terminals.

Natural or man-made disasters present severe challenges to communication and coordination, particularly when they strike communities reliant on high technology and interconnection.

Ovzon’s high, secure capacity and dynamic coverage areas is powerfully suited to assist in disaster response and management, replacing or assisting existing infrastructure that has been destroyed or damaged. For major incidents, Ovzon can reconfigure geographical coverage to provide further focus and bandwidth, and its highly portable terminals allow access to areas isolated by floods, landslides or other phenomena.

Coordinating multiple assets in real-time, through secure links at high bandwidth, enables a more effective response and recovery process. Ultimately, better technology translates to more lives saved.

Rescue and emergency response

Ovzon provides reliability and availability of satellite services to first responders who are deployed in remote and inhospitable locations.

The mission of the first responders is to save lives, protect property, the environment, and assist communities impacted by disasters and aid recovery during emergencies. First responders are often deployed in remote and inhospitable locations. Conditions are often extreme, in deserts, in cold environments and in jungles. Reliability and availability of satellite services under such circumstances are critical. Ovzon terminals are smaller in size and more capable than ever before. The Ovzon service operates ”on the pause” or “on the move” in the most demanding conditions.

New satellites are equipped with stronger and more sensitive transponders, allowing for smaller terminals than previously possible. Ovzon is a next-generation satellite service provider with a unique satellite service offering – combining high band-width secure satellite communication services with highly mobile terminals.

Government Applications

Today’s government and modern defense satellite communication users require agile, high throughput capabilities in remote locations and challenging situations.

Satellite terminals

Users are able to access truly broadband data rates using ultra-portable, easy to use terminals with best in class link availability.