Ease of Use

The All-in-one On-The-Move MINI broadband satellite terminal.

Time is critical when operations are conducted in challenging situations. Ovzon terminals are enabled to provide the user with immediate connectivity (<60 seconds). Designed for optimal user experience and equipped with extremely high data rate capacity

Our terminals

Ovzon T6 OTP

Added: The Ovzon T6 is a rugged all-in-one, laptop-sized broadband terminal providing access to the high throughput Ovzon satellite service.

Ovzon Medium OTM

Ovzon Medium is an all-in-one broadband satellite terminal for larger coverage on-the-move applications.

Government Applications

Today’s government and modern defense satellite communication users require agile, high throughput capabilities in remote locations and challenging situations.

Commercial Applications

Our services are operated on satellites covering the US and LATAM, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Gateways with secure backbone connectivity are located in Europe and Africa. The services are monitored and controlled through our 24/7 NOC in Tampa.